[Unsatisfied women usually complain like this]

[Unsatisfied women usually “complain” like this]

Chinese women are implicit, reserved, and in line with the open culture of the West, Chinese women are generally not as straightforward as their Western counterparts in expressing their sexual needs. During sex, as the other half, it is necessary to take the initiativeObserve the needs of your partner. Secondly, having sexual needs does not mean you have to make a big move, undress and make love, sometimes she just needs a hug that makes her breathless, or a chat with her.

Domestic women like to be implicit, sometimes overly depressed, and dare not express their voices, especially “sexual” voices. As a result, they are distorted into disfigured flames, and crickets attenuate emotions or states. Men themselves are just careless, oftenWill not go to understand these special unlovable “sex”, as a result, deeper emotional rifts, affecting the quality of marriage.

Therefore, you may want to leave your wife’s heart out, lest she be suspicious and suspicious. Usually, you face your intentions, and even think more about the “crooked” places, maybe the old problems will be solved, and the new problems will be saved.

Complaint 1: If Mrs. Wuminghu loses her temper somehow, bangs something, and sits on the bottom of the earth, the earth will “tremble and shake”, then you have to suddenly, how long have you not “troubled” her, what is “””Contentment” means contentment is happiness and peace of mind. Now that she is unhappy and restless, it means that you have alienated her body a little bit and her body is protesting. In fact, she cannot control herself.

Solution: Tonight, you need to appease her.

In ancient palaces, there were many battles and conspiracies. In fact, because there were too many women and the emperor was too busy to be alone, men were the best fire extinguishers for women.


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