[Brown sugar cakes are soft and delicious]_How to make_What method

[Brown sugar cakes are soft and delicious]_How to make_What method

Hair cake is a common food. There are many ways to make hair cake. The most common method is to add cornmeal and flour. If you want to achieve better health, you can put brown sugar hair cake. Brown sugar hair cake has good health effects., Not only the taste is sweet, but also can play a certain effect in replenishing qi and blood, especially for women, it has a good menstrual conditioning effect, and it can also achieve a certain effect in preventing irregular menstruation.

1. The method of brown sugar hair cake The method of brown sugar hair cake is very simple. Before making brown sugar hair cake, we first prepare an appropriate amount of flour, raw flour, brown sugar and yeast powder, pour the flour and raw powder into a bowl and mix well.

Then rinse the brown sugar with hot water. When the brown sugar water becomes cold, add an appropriate amount of yeast powder, stir well and pour it into the flour to make a batter.

When the batter is fermented to a double size, divide into several shallow dishes.

Then add an appropriate amount of water to the pot and steam the batter for about 15 minutes.

2. Brown sugar glutinous rice cake The specific method of brown sugar glutinous rice cake is as follows: first pour an appropriate amount of water into the glutinous rice flour, and then uniformly, not too wet or too dry, it is best to grasp it by hand, but it can be scattered.The kind of drive.

Then the glutinous rice flour is sieved. After sieving, add an appropriate amount of fine sugar, stir well and set aside.

Prepare a steaming grid, spread soaked gauze, then sprinkle a layer of sugar on the gauze, and pour the glutinous rice flour on the gauze. A layer of brown sugar can be placed in the middle of the glutinous rice flour.

Then use a knife to cut the glutinous rice flour into even portions, and place a red date on top of each portion of glutinous rice flour.

Finally, steam in the pot for about half an hour.

3. The specific method of brown sugar eight treasure rice is as follows: Wash the glutinous rice and put it in a basin, add an appropriate amount of water and rind, and soak it for one night.

Then drain some water, leave a small amount of water, and cook into glutinous rice.

After the glutinous rice noodles are cooked, throw away the peel.

Prepare a bowl, put in an appropriate amount of brown sugar, boil with a small amount of boiling water, and then pour into the glutinous rice flour, stir well.

Divide the glutinous rice into two equal portions. Spread the first portion on the bottom of the basin, then spread a layer of red bean paste on top, and then spread another portion of the glutinous rice on the red bean paste.

Finally, spread the dried fruit on sticky rice and steam it.

4, the transition of brown sugar hair cake every 100 grams of brown sugar hair cake is converted into 239 kcal, the transformation is relatively moderate, suitable for friends who lose weight.

The method for making brown sugar cake is simple. First, prepare the right amount of flour, corn starch, brown sugar, baking powder and water.

Then brown the sugar with water.

After the flour, corn starch, and baking powder are mixed well, sifter it, and then pour in brown sugar water and stir well.

After the flour is fully fermented, prepare a mold, put some oil on the mold, pour the flour into the mold, and finally steam it in the pot.

5. Brown sugar egg cakes The details of brown sugar egg cakes are as follows: Prepare the right amount of flour, eggs, brown sugar and yeast powder.

Add flour to an elongated basin for later use.

Brown sugar and yeast powder, separately with water, beat the eggs in a bowl and stir.

Then pour brown sugar water, yeast water, and egg liquid into the flour and mix well.

Prepare another steamer, spread a drawer cloth over the steamer, and pour the flour on the drawer cloth.

When the flour is fermented to double size, put it in the pot and steam for about 20 minutes.

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