[Can milk that is about to expire]_milk_diet taboo_diet conditioning

[Can milk that is about to expire]_milk_diet taboo_diet conditioning

Drinking milk regularly is good for your health and can help us to supplement calcium. However, some people are worried about the health impact of milk if it expires. In fact, milk that has just expired is not bad if it does not deteriorate.Of drinking, but the nutritional value has been reduced.

1 To this very entangled question, the experts answered, “First, judge by the senses. If there is no problem with the senses, the milk is still drinkable.

“Why can I still drink it after the expiration date?

The expert further explained: “The milk sold in the general market has a retreat for the majority of consumers in the establishment of the shelf life. If you buy a bottle of milk with a shelf life of 7 days, then its actual shelf life may be 10 days.It’s impossible to really break down as soon as the expiration date expires.

2. Therefore, if the milk has reached the end of its shelf life, but no deterioration has been judged from the senses, then the milk can be safely connected.

If after four or five days, although no deterioration, but the nutritional value is running out, it is best not to drink it at this time.

“3. In addition, experts also specifically mentioned that if it is for milk for children under 2 years of age, even if the shelf life is not bad, do not give your children any more.

Because there are more or less bacteria in milk, these bacteria may not pose a threat to adults with strong immunity, but the child’s stomach is still weak and the immunity is low. In order not to cause extra health damage, it is best to give the child a drink.Milk in shelf life.

4. Milk is a nutritious product. The old people in the family have been used to saving for life. They think that the milk has passed the shelf life and it is not bad. It is a pity to lose it. It often risks the health and drinks the expired milk.

In fact, even if the milk expires, it is superfluous. You can wipe the shoes. First, use a brush to remove the dirt on the surface of the shoes, and then use gauze to drench the expired sour milk to evenly spread it on the surface of the shoes. After it is dry, wipe it with a dry cloth.The upper can be as bright as new, and it can prevent the leather from cracking.

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