Wuhan dialect plays Yeah!”” Back to Seven Rice ”| Beijing News 5-minute art decompression

Wuhan dialect plays “Yeah!Come Back Seven Rices “| Beijing News 5-minute art decompression
One night in Wuhan, just after the closure of the city, an old man walked the accordion on the street . This short video made countless Wuhan people feel that life has not gone far, but also rooted in Wuhan musician, music therapist FengXiang’s heart: “Art can heal people’s hearts.”Wuhan has” woke up “and the lives of local people are gradually returning to the right track. In the past winter, Feng Xiang’s” Hanyangmen Garden “once became the warmest melody in the hearts of countless people who miss this city, and he,During this period, he still insisted on creating.Feng Xiang, the author of the Wuhan dialect song “Hanyangmen Garden”: Continues the fourth period of the art decompression column of the medical night glory sauna night network with musicrumor”.During the week of his “restart” in Wuhan, he sang in dialects, even thousands of miles apart, as if he could see Wuhan “on the shore of Jijiazui” through his singing, all playing with water.The tree of Snake Mountain is tall and sticky.After sunset Guishan, the streets are full of shouts.”Today, we went to the streets of Wuhan in singing and warmly said good night to each other.Sauna Night Net: Why use this dialect to sing and teach everyone to sing dialect songs as the theme of this art decompression?Feng Xiang: Singing can sing a lot of emotional things, and dialects can directly express emotions. Singing in dialects is a very good way to relieve emotions and express emotions.This is actually the original role of the song, everyone will.But now everyone has basically given up.It takes more time to become more proficient.Sauna Nightnet: Will the creation of future works change after this epidemic?Feng Xiang: It should not affect too much.My creation is basically my own emotional expression.But from another perspective, since the epidemic affected me, it must also affect the work.The “Xia Qiuyao” shared today is one of the three songs written in the epidemic. The other two are also written on the theme of the folk song “Twenty-four Solar Terms”. The other one is written in winter and spring.The first writing is summer and autumn.There is another song written for all the brave medical staff and all those who brought Wuhan to the light in this epidemic, but this song is more complicated to make, and it has not been finished yet.What I want most is to be able to return to the most ordinary and unpretentious life, “Xia Qiuyao” is written this.Saina Yee Editor Tian Niani proofreading Li Xiangling

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