Autumn cold water bath exercise is at the time

Autumn cold water bath exercise is at the time

Two days of public beauty, the weather is mainly cloudy and cloudy, the highest temperature is kept at 31 °C. In this autumn, the temperature, water temperature, body temperature are relatively close, cold water stimulates the human body less, if this timeIt is best to start a cold bath exercise.

In the autumn cold water bath, as long as it persists and perseveres, it will greatly replace the winter’s ability to adapt to the cold and prevent colds.

  Cold water bath exercise should first move the body to warm up, such as sweating should be dried or wiped with a towel before bathing.

Rub your body quickly with your hands, from the body to the limbs from top to bottom, evenly rub, moderate force.

When you feel hot, apply cold water to your face, arms and thighs.

Or put the towel in cold water and wring it out to wipe the body, so that the body gradually changes from unfit to adapt.

When the body can adapt, it can be washed directly with cold water and rubbed while rubbing.

  The rinsing time is usually about 10 minutes (5 minutes in winter), so the body can adapt.

After the bath, quickly dry with a dry towel, put on loose clothes, and rub the joints of the human body with both hands to prevent the occurrence of arthritis.

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