[Five torture in feudal society punishing women for prostitution]

[Five torture in feudal society punishing women for “prostitution”]

In ancient China, penalties were mainly targeted at men, but women’s violations of law did not necessarily lead to prison.

In ancient times in feudal society, women’s virginity was more important. If a woman had committed “crime,” she would be punished severely.

So, would these wild women obey certain sanctions of ancient punishment?

I will check it out for everyone!

A yin technique, also called yin technique, is to close the vulva with a needle and thread.

This type of torture, because it is extremely despicable and inferior, is generally not used in officialdom, but it is very popular among the people.

Husbands are willing to deal with Hongxing’s wife, and jealous women are dealing with slaves who are related to her husband.

In the book “Jiang Ji” written by Qingren Chu Renwei, there are similar records of “smashing garlic into the yin and closing it with a rope”, “drilling its yin with a cone and locking it, discarding the key in a well”.
It is said that there is an ancient building “Seam Yinlou” in Wuzhou, Anhui. This strange name probably originated from this kind of folk punishment.


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