[Good for cupping or moxibustion]_function_effect

[Good for cupping or moxibustion]_function_effect

Every time three volt days occur, some people will suffer from heat stroke and physical weakness. At this time, many people choose to develop Chinese medicine.

More common are cupping and moxibustion.

There are candidates for both methods, but many people are wondering, which one is better?

In fact, cupping or moxibustion is of great benefit to the body, and the benefits outweigh the disadvantages in health, and each has its own focus on different issues.

Cupping is very effective. Cupping is one of the traditional treatment methods of traditional Chinese medicine. It can eliminate cold and dampness, dredge the meridians, remove stasis, qi and blood circulation, reduce swelling and pain, extract toxins and relieve fever, and adjust the balance of yin and yang of the human body, and relieve fatigueEnhance the physical effect, can effectively eliminate the wet evil in the body, and the operation is relatively convenient, it can be completed at home.

Benefits of cupping: By cupping, the moisture and cold in the body can be penetrated through the skin tissue, thereby eliminating the evil spirit and making people 100 times more spiritual.

Because the body’s meridians, acupuncture points and the five internal organs are connected, the acupoints on the surface of the body will be stimulated by the suction of the accessory.
For local tissue damage, lumbar disc herniation, and other symptoms, cupping also has a certain effect. Regular cupping for a long period of time can relieve pain and relieve symptoms.

Moxibustion is simple and convenient. Moxibustion has the effects of opening up depression, removing dampness and nourishing yang.

Benefits of moxibustion: Wentong meridian, dispel cold evil.

The moxa leaves warm the fuming and moxibustion, so that the heat reaches the muscle layer and warms the blood.

Moxibustion has the effects of warming the meridians, dispersing cold and dehumidifying, regulating qi and blood, and analgesic and analgesic.

Xingqi Huoxue, Xiaoyu Sanjie.

If you see heat, you can do it; if you see cold, you can condense;

Moxibustion is a stimulus for warmth, which can coordinate qi and blood, make the body and the body smooth, the blood veins and benefit the qi and blood circulation, and dissipate the knots.

Moxibustion is gentle and can be done for half a month continuously?
1 month.

One year can be done in stages.

Cupping is a detoxification of the body surface, with obvious effects, but it is not suitable for regular use, and it cannot be done with skin allergies.

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