[Cooked Vegetables]_Cooked Vegetables_How to Make_Homemade

[Cooked Vegetables]_Cooked Vegetables_How to Make_Homemade

There are many kinds and mix modes in the cold salad, and you can make it according to your own taste.

Among the cold salads are kelp shreds, cucumbers, leeks, and so on. The cold salads made from these vegetarian dishes are very suitable for the public.

Kelp mixed with vermicelli ingredients: Shuifa kelp, three or two green leaves, three water fans, two or two vinegar, three money, soy sauce, five money, monosodium glutamate, ten grains of salt, three money onion, two money, ginger, one sesame oil, or one garlic, three cloves.Clean the sand, cut it straight with a knife, and cut it into boiling water. Then cut it into five inches, and wash the green leaves with a straight knife.

Add the three kinds of vegetables into the mixing bowl, and then add soy sauce, vinegar, salt, MSG, ginger, green onion, garlic, sesame oil in order, stir well, and serve on the plate.

Features: Silky long fragrance, pleasing color.

Ingredients for mixing chives: fresh chives, two pounds of salt, five bucks, and ten peppersedible.

Features: Economical and affordable.

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