[6 Big Questions about Bed and Bed Contraception for Couples]

[6 Big Questions about Bed and Bed Contraception for Couples]

In the process of enjoying the perfect SEX, are you desperate, never thinking about the issues after the passion, and regret it after the trouble comes?

Indeed, before planning to have children, self-confidence will always be a difficult task, and it is also a consideration factor under the bed.

Since it is necessary to embark on the road of consensus, the alternative method is the opposite. Let us take a look at the contraceptive methods today, and see what their advantages and disadvantages are, and then make a choice based on their own situation.
Problems posed by self-confidence Now that we are on the road to self-confidence, how to choose the right method is indeed a big problem.

Fish and bear’s paw can’t have both, all the ways shifting the feeling of SEX more or less have some impact.

There is no exactly the same situation, it is important to choose one or more effective and simple operation methods based on actual conditions.

A long time ago, the ancients may not have heard of condoms at all. Their most natural understanding of contraception is the natural consensus, which is what we call the natural contrast method. These methods have been inherited to this day, and they use the weakness of the physiological cycle.Unexpected “period”, attack the simplest method of contraception that “period” is not prepared.

So what contraceptive method is really good so far?

What are their pros and cons?


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