[Do you eat kelp often]_ effect _ benefits

[Do you eat kelp often]_ effect _ benefits

Kelp, a seaweed plant, is eaten in a variety of ways in people’s daily lives, because whether it is mixed with cold kelp or boiled in soup, it can give kelp its unique flavor.

And kelp is a kind of plant that grows in the sea, so the kelp itself contains some mineral components unique to the sea. Eating more kelp has a good mineral supplementation effect on the human body, but is it good for people to eat kelp often

Kelp can be eaten in various ways. It can be served cold, fried, or stewed.

It is because of this that kelp has become one of the most common foods on the table of ordinary people.

In fact, kelp is also known as the “longevity dish”. Eating kelp properly every day is also very beneficial to promoting health.

“Materia Medica” recorded kelp “to cure water diseases and tumors, the same effect as seaweed.

“In fact, it is the strong health care effect of kelp.

Of course, modern nutrition also shows that kelp contains various nutrients required by the human body. The content of trace elements, especially iodine, ranks first in many foods, and is rich in B vitamins, calcium, iron, and alginin.The content of nutrients required by the human body such as kumbine is also quite high, so Chinese medicine believes that the effect of eating kelp into the liver, nourishing the kidney and relieving the phlegm and replenishing the water.

Because kelp is rich in iodine, and iodine is an important raw material for the synthesis of thyroxine, eating more kelp can prevent iodine-deficiency thyroid disease, especially for some areas that eat too little iodine, we should pay more attention to iodine intake.

Kelp also has an anti-tumor effect. The rich kelp in the kelp has the dual function of activating macrophages, which simultaneously inhibits the spread of tumor cells, reduces the occurrence of tumors, and thus prevents cancer.

Antihypertensive, regular eating kelp also helps to lower blood pressure, especially for middle-aged and elderly hypertensive patients, it is necessary to eat kelp regularly.

Studies have found that kelp-rich cumin and annual sulfonic acids have functions such as lowering blood pressure.

At the same time, because kelp can well restart the esophagus slightly in vitro, eating kelp often helps to reduce fat and lose weight, and keep young.

The study also found that kelp is also an anticoagulant food, because kelp is rich in rock algae and alginate, which have certain anticoagulant effects.

Reduce radiation damage. For people who work in places with severe rehabilitation for a long time, they should also eat more kelp in order to use the active substances in it to reduce the harm of radioactive elements or metal elements to the human body.A certain substance can also excrete insoluble compounds, reducing various kinds of harm to the human body.

Of course, in addition to these health effects of kelp, eating kelp often helps to improve the body’s immunity and lower blood sugar, especially for those with high blood sugar, they should eat kelp more often.

So does it mean that eating kelp has many benefits to the body, then you can eat kelp every day?

The answer is certainly not.

We say that things must be reversed. If you consume too much, it will also have some adverse effects on human health.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that kelp is cold, so it is not appropriate for people with inherent spleen and stomach deficiency to eat kelp in large quantities, so as not to aggravate the problem of spleen and stomach deficiency.Although kelp is rich in iodine, it is possible to consume too muchCauses sudden death and swelling, which is called “hyperthyroidism” in daily life, causes fast heart, increases appetite, and is not conducive to weight loss.

Therefore, eating kelp also needs to pay attention to the amount. From a health point of view, it is best for adults not to consume more than 50 grams per day, it is advisable to consume 15 to 50 grams, and children should halve.

It is also reminded that the kelp must be washed before eating it. It is best to wash it with rinsing. At the same time, because the kelp contains impurities, it is best to soak it for 24 hours before cooking. This is more in line with national food hygiene.standard.

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