[Can I have the same room during IVF]_Pregnancy_Can I have sex

[Can I have the same room during IVF]_Pregnancy_Can I have sex

IVF cannot be intersexed, because fertilized eggs have not stabilized after successful IVF injection. At this time, intersex will cause women to have abortion symptoms. It is best to intersex after three months of successful transplantation. Generally,In the second trimester.

Sexual intercourse during IVF will affect the stability of fertilized eggs, and normal fertility cannot be intersexed in the early stages of pregnancy.

Can IVF be intercourse after pregnancy? When the IVF enters the uterus, the patient is already in the early stages of pregnancy. At this stage, the patient’s body will have a pregnancy reaction due to the entry of the fertilized egg, and some will have nausea, dizziness, and easyFatigue and so on. These are relatively common phenomena. The time is usually three months. During this period, patients should pay attention to self-conditioning, try not to have intense emotions, take more rest from excessive exercise, maintain a good attitude, and eat well.It’s best to eat a lighter appetizer. You must avoid eating spicy and over-taste foods and prevent colds.

In fact, the success rate of IVF is different due to individual differences, surgical effects, etc. The most important thing is that both parties preparing to undergo surgery need to have a detailed understanding with the doctor, and then undergo surgery, this is the mostA conservative approach.

If both men and women are disease-free, pregnancy under normal circumstances may be only 10% per month.

If both men and women have a disease, the success rate is only about 1%.

The single-shot success rate of IVF technology has now risen to about 40%, far exceeding the limits of humans.

But IVF is a science after all, and it is impossible to achieve a 100% success rate.

At present, the success rate of the best foreign IVF centers generally can only reach 50%.

The success rate of “test tube” babies is in many aspects, including endocrine and laboratory conditions, the technical level of technicians, the age of patients, uterine and ovarian conditions, and whether there are other diseases. Among them, the age of the woman has the most significant effect.With.

The success rate of “test tube” babies in women aged 25 to 35 is higher than the average of 30% -40%, and some can reach 50% or higher, but after the age of 35, the success rate gradually decreases,The age of 40 is only about 20%. The reason is that the quality and number of eggs will decrease after getting older.

However, the three-time success rate can generally reach 80%

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