[Loofah Fried Beans]_Good Food Practice_Mixed Beans

[Loofah Fried Beans]_Good Food Practice_Mixed Beans

In our life, many people especially like to eat loofah. Loofah is a relatively common dish. This kind of vegetable is placed in a position that looks similar to horn gourd. Watermelon is best eaten by cooking.This method can add a lot of vegetables, although it will be put with beans, most people choose edamame when choosing beans, so how to make loofah fried beans?

Introduction of edamame edamame is a vegetable soybean specially used to eat fresh pods in soybean crops.

Edamame is fresh soya bean.

Edamame is an annual crop with thick and fine stems. The shape of its pods also has fine hair on the pods, so it is called edamame. When it is fresh, the pods are tender green and lovely.

Luffa Introduction Luffa is a climbing herb of the Cucurbitaceae family and has a strong root system.

Stems vine, pentalobes, green, main vines and lateral vines grow lush, stem nodes with branch tendrils, easy to grow adventitious roots.

Comprehensive distribution and cultivation at home and abroad.

The fruit is a summer vegetable, and the types of nutrients contained in it are higher in melons. The saponin-containing substances, bitter gourds, mucus, lignan, citrulline, cassava and interferon have certain special effects.

When matured, the reticular fibers are called loofahs, which can be used instead of sponges to scrub stoves and furniture; they can also be used for medicinal purposes, including cooling, diuretic, activating blood, passing menstruation and detoxifying.

Brief Introduction of Loofah Fried Edamame: Edamame Loofah is all green, and it is very harmonious when combined.

This “green” has another meaning, because this loofah and edamame are both grown by mother-in-law and are absolutely green food!

Ingredients for Luffa Stir-fried Beans: Main Ingredients: 200g Luffa-150 Beans 150g Auxiliary Ingredients: Oil, Salt, and Salt

Loofah peeled, like, cut into pieces.


Remove the edamame and wash.


Put oil in the pan and fry the edamame first.


Add loofah and stir fry.


Season with salt.


Add a little water and cook.


Remove from the pan and serve.

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