[Four Strange Expectations for Women]_Men

[Four Strange Expectations for Women]_Men

No matter which women have expectations or ideals for men, they “want to associate with such men”, “want to talk about such love”, “boyfriends should do it” and so on.

But over expectation, more and more men feel “headaches”, and relationships that can progress smoothly may also escape.

Japan ‘s Howcollect website ‘s August 4th article introduced the 4 “strange” expectations that women have for men. Did you also get hit?


Carrying luggage is the responsibility of men. A 24-year-old taller man said, “The ex-girlfriend thinks that being a male reason, he will carry luggage for himself.

If my girlfriend is coquettishly looking for a job, of course I would be happy to help her with it, but when she takes the baggage with her own natural tone, she finds it difficult to accept. ”

Many women consider it important for men to take heavy weight.

Indeed, in this case, if men do not take it, they will give women a feeling of unreliability.

However, no matter how close the relationship is, if you don’t express gratitude to the other party, the other party’s heart will leave a crack.

In fact, you only need to say “Troubled” or “Thank you”, and the other person’s mood will soon change from overcast to clear, and your impression will be better.

Therefore, boyfriend made a lot of women for you, don’t forget to say “Thank you” in the last sentence.


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